Monday, October 16, 2006

Entry 13: Mother Thukkers Part 4

My wingman’s voice crackled over the comms, “Captain Ledoux, I’m reading two contacts on the long range scanners.” He was on loan to me from the Thukker shipyards where I bought and modified my Jaguar (Name: Come and See).

The shipyard’s foreman sent a young apprentice along to see how my modified Jaguard fared on its first combat trial. I heard a rumor that the betting pool heavily leaned towards the likelihood that my power conduits would melt, explode and then catch fire the moment that the shields started taking damage.

“Yeah, I see them. Looks like a Covetor-class mining barge and a … yeah, that’s an Armageddon. I’m also reading a lot of combat drones.”

“Daaaaaamn … oh well, it would have been nice to tear up a Covetor, but that 'Geddon would eat you alive … Sir? Is your warp drive going active?”

“That’s a roger, son. Time for a little bang bang.”

“There’s no way you’re going to survive that kind of punishment. If the drones don’t get you, that 'Geddon will!”

“One way to find out.” With that, the warp bubble wrapped me in its shaky, scary shell and off I went to start some trouble.”

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I popped into the belt about 20 kilometers from the fat grape of a Covetor. I immediately fired up my microwarp drive and streaked straight at him in excess of 2200 meters per second. I don’t know if the Covetor and Armageddon pilots were sleeping at the conn or if they simply couldn’t bring themselves to believe that I’d actually attack, but they didn’t even react until I had already targeted, set an orbit and opened fire on the Covetor. The Covetor tried to align for the nearest station, but my warp disruptor killed any chance of him getting away.

Then the drones finally realized what I was up to and started streaking towards me. Then, the 'Geddon’s pilot decided to lay into me with his huge battery of lasers. My small size combined with my speed greatly reduced the damage the lasers could inflict, but I was more than a little worried when 10 Hammerhead started crawling all over me. I was just starting to miss not having a shield booster module when the Covetor’s hull started to buckle.

“Get in here, Junior! You’re on salvage detail!”

“But what about the Arma-”

“Get your ass in here while he's still shooting at me or I'll kill you myself!!”

After my less than gentle encouragement, my wingman warped in just as the Covetor’s former pilot started streaking off in his pod. He was just in time to make a quick salvage run on the ravaged Covetor. It was only then that my shields were finally breached, forcing us to make a run for it. The 'Geddon was far too bewildered to even consider a pursuit.

After taking possession of two “Rockpopper II” modulated strip mining lasers, we set course for the shipyards. As I calculated their market value, I realized that I had almost paid for my new toy on its maiden combat voyage. Arrrr indeed.

As I hid out waiting for my shields to recharge and my global criminal countdown to expire, I overheard my victim berating his companion about his failure to protect him from my tiny ship. Later, I heard that the disgraced 'Geddon pilot pursued my young wingman all over the constellation in an attempt to blast him to Kingdom Come. Unfortunately, he failed to realize that a) he had chased his quarry into a Concord-controlled system and b) the young man had never fired a shot at him or his friend in the Covetor. The police response was swift and brutal. The young man was able to loot well over 30 million ISK in gear from the smoking wreck. At last check, he's working on setting up a shipyard of his own.


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Stop writing about them Jags ... you're gonna drive they're prices up when i have just 2 weeks to one myself - ishkur is just no fun anymore.

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