Saturday, October 14, 2006

Entry 12: Mother Thukkers, Part 3

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Introducing the Jaguar, Caldari-style
As I was reviewing the ship specs for the Jaguar, I noticed something very interesting: At it’s most basic level, it’s a huge step up from the Rifter-class frigate it’s built on. It gives a pilot a high level of combat ability for a relatively low cost. However, if the pilot in question happens to be a multibillionaire with a taste for the best, and if the same pilot has access to advanced shield and propulsion technology …

To start off, I replaced the standard power core with a “Phoenix” core that used up all of the low-power slots and cost as much as the ship itself. However, it augmented the amount of power grid available, as well as noticeably improving the capacitor and shield systems. I needed the extra juice so I could slap on a “Wyrmscale II” medium shield extender, straight from the engineering labs of New Caldari, the kind of shield augmentation systems typically only found on cruisers.

Between the power upgrades and the custom Caldari shield generator, my tiny ship now has more than triple its original shield strength, giving it a stronger shield than the average cruiser. On top of all that, the onboard computer sets the shields to a frequency that resists the electromagnetic and thermal based weaponry that shields are typically very weak against.

To round things off, I slapped on a “Dragonbreath Mk. II” 1 megaNewton microwarp drive for speed, a “Rockstopper” kinetic deflection to improve shield resistance, a “Bubble Burster” warp scrambler, a few 200mm “Hailstorm” autocannons and a “Knave” nosferatu device.

After my own private episode of Pimp My Ship, I had a frigate-sized ship that had stronger shields than the typical cruiser, enough speed and agility to serve as an adequate interceptor, and while the weapon systems don’t deal out a huge amount of raw damage, the inherent versatility of Minmatar ammunition ensures that I’ll be able to tailor my damage output to take advantage of any gaps in an enemy ship's defenses. To add insult to inevitable injury, most recognition systems have difficulty telling the difference between the Jaguar and a typical Rifter.

But as impressed as I was by the new ship specs, I would have never believed how well it performed in its first combat test …


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Passive tanked Jag ... this should be interesting ... though i think it would get raped by an Ishkur. :)

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