Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Entry 11: Mother Thukkers, Part 2

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If the men you grew up with looked like
this, you'd think I was handsome, too.
Recently, My Lovely Assistant insisted that we undergo a “Bonding ceremony” in order for us to continue to pursue certain aspects of our relationship. She wasn’t very long on details, but I soon discovered that it involved a bit of travel, tattooing, and more than a little bleeding. And let’s not even mention the honeymoon.

Not that I was opposed to a little pain, so long as there was a bit of pleasure to be had afterward. So after a little thought, I agreed to join her on a trek out to Thukker-controlled space for a month-long visit with her clan in the The Great Wildlands.

While I was there, I couldn’t help but appreciate the capabilities of Thukker-designed ships. Like any good Caldari, I had always believed that all Minmatar ships were little more than crudely designed pieces of space junk with engines and weapons strapped to them. At a closer look, however, I found that while Matari ships are definitely short on frills, they are durable, reliable, fast and (most important of all,) flexible.

As any military man will tell you, the ability to react and adapt to any threat is an invaluable resource in combat. More to the point, if you can’t adapt to changing enemy tactics and capabilities, you may as well retreat while you still have a ship to call your own.

Unfortunately, when I said this aloud, I didn’t know just how keen the Thukkers are to promote and sell their custom-designed ships to anyone with enough ISK to buy them. Also, I had no idea that My Lovely Assistant comes from a long line of combat pilots and, more importantly, shipwrights. She’s even a direct descendent of the legendary Thukker interceptor pilot Ba’run Vonr’ktoven, known as “The Red Ba’run.” So to make a long story slightly less long, her family immediately took my appreciation of Thukker-designed ships as a promise to immediately acquire several of them for my own personal use.

In the end, to celebrate our impending Bonding, I was given (and by “given,” I mean that I was obligated to pay a large sum of money for) a Jaguar-class assault frigate. It was a good thing that I planned on staying in The Great Wildlands for a while, because it was going to take me a couple of weeks just to be able to fly the damned thing.

But then, while I was studying the system specs, I noticed something that made me smile a very, very cruel smile …


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red baron. baahahahahahaa.

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