Thursday, August 03, 2006

Day 4: My Lovely Assistant

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She's even hotter in real life.
No, you can't have "hawt cam pix."
Stop asking. Perv.

As I've mentioned previously, my fiance also plays Eve. This is because she is made of pure awesome. Originally, I tried to get her interested in watching me play, or at least not actively opposed to being in the same room with me while I was playing. I had just begun to despair when she asked, "So how do *I* create a character?" If I hadn't already been in love with her, that would have done it.

At first, she joined Eve University, just like me. And when I decided to embark on my life of crime, she came with me. She doesn't play as much as I do, and she only plays when I'm playing, so her combat experience is pretty limited. Which is to say that it's limited to the two of us sparring against each other or her getting blown up by other players. Or rats. Or gate guns. Or asteroids (and rats). Yes, dear reader. My girlfriend is a noob. But hey, nobody takes over the universe the day they leave the clone vats, right?

I've been more or less managing her skill progression, and we're just now getting past her Learning skills. She has adequate ship skills right now, but she hasn't had enough play time to really get a feel for ship-to-ship combat. (But that hasn't kept her from almost killing me a few times during our little sparring matches. In other news, I have officially given up on trying to kill battleships with an interceptor.)

So to help her train, I bought her 10 Rifters and enough gear to kit them all out for tackling. I think I'm going to send her out to low sector space with orders to attack ANYONE she sees. I figure that, after she burns through all of the Rifters, she might have an idea or two about PvPing. And if not ... well, she can always be a 5-second meatshield. I have to admit that most of the time, flying around with my hot little wingwoman is a ball, even if we can't find anyone worth killing. Hell, sometimes I'm just glad that she doesn't make me quit playing entirely. Other times, I just want to pod her.

Did I say that out loud?

Anyway, I'm trying to help her break her "pirate cherry" now. Twice, I've offered her the kill on (noob) victims I've scrambled and webbed, but she's demured both times. Maybe I should start screaming "OH, JESUS!! HE HAS ME!!! HELP!! HEEEEELP!!!" and just hope that she doesn't think to question how a Navitas with 2 civilian mining lasers could be a threat to a Hawk. It could happen.


But don't think I sat in the station all day and cavorted with the star of Sebiestor Sorority Sex-Slaves 7! (That only took about half the day.) I did squeeze in time to kill a couple of noobs today. Remember koopl? Well, he's still out there with a half-dozen or so trial alts mining for all they're worth. He's learned to keep his industrial away from the belt until his alt-drones have enough cargo to make it worth his while, but that doesn't stop me from killing the alts that I can catch, scattering the rest like geese and destroying his cargo containers. One of them had a Miner II, but there wasn't much real profit today. I'm still scouting the area and getting a feel for the different systems in my hunting range.

I'm gonna go camping* this weekend. Yes, I know that there are bears in the woods. I'll probably survive. I'll get back to the killin' after the weekend.

Ending balance: 1,919,600,000
Victims: 2
Security Status: 0.1

*not gate camping.


Blogger nikolus said...

Good for ya man lov your blog

5:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should stop controlling your girlfriend's Eve progression. Sounds like you're mostly playing the game for her.

Although I'm not surprised given you think a woman might "interested in watching you play Eve". Get a grip :)

3:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"*not gate camping."

great stuff!

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Gwarnina said...

Way to go Devilish! Good luck with the yarrrrdage.

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Dearnen said...

Keep up the work! Love the blog.


Eve University

E-Uni does not officially support pirates, those involved in piracy, or any piratic activity.
Certainly has a lot of pirate friends, though! MUHahahahaha!!!

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Miram Teldarin said...

Keep it up. =)

If you want some targets, I hear that Syndicate is FULL of BoB this time of year. As rats, they drop some of the BEST loot.

Miram Teldarin
Lightning Dynamics

10:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really enjoying your blog, keep it up.

Spin me a story

5:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


1:12 AM  
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2:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Send your assistant to PvP University. She'll learn a lot and be ready for the killin' after that.

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome blog!

6:51 PM  
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